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We Are Blessed Voyage

Knowledge & Travel Together

Destination-Based Learning, With Breath-Taking Experiences Of Culture and Travel.

Our Destinations

Live Through Seerah

Live through a day by day version of the seerah.

Jerusalem: The Beginning

Walk through the city where it all started.

Islam In Bosnia

Bosnia, the ottoman past, the painful yesterday, and the new beginning.


The dream that became a reality, the jewel of Islam.


Join the AlMaghrib family for an unforgettable experience of destination-based learning.

Currently, the following trips are planned, please choose from the list below.

Where We've Been

Coming Soon

Magical Experience

The Blessed Voyage Difference...

Are you ready to embark on a journey that combines the best of knowledge and travel?

Blessed Voyage is where we believe that exploration is not just about visiting new places, but also about gaining a deeper understanding of our deen. With our unique approach, we curate immersive experiences that blend cultural insights, historical context, and local expertise.

Discover destinations like never before as we unlock the secrets of each location, providing you with enriching encounters and a profound connection to the places you visit. Join us on a transformative adventure where knowledge and travel converge, creating memories that will last a lifetime.

More Student Experiences

Listen to first-hand experiences of some of our students.

Bosnia, Is A Hidden Gem 5:29

Sr Nada explains how the experience of Bosnia completed exceeded her expectations.

The Best Experience 3:20

Br Bassel explains how it wasn’t just the travel, but the learning experience that made it different.

AlMaghrib Changed My Life 6:45

Sr Sabrina explains how her first interaction was at 8, and after taking a trip 15 years later, it has become more memorable.

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